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stahae^chE nO^k'adahA


stahae^chE nO^k’adahA

let them see me

stahae^chE Adam AzATE

hEtyu^ wAzA ne and not what they see on the TV screen

ho, ho, ho


leha, those are not me

I am not Lakota, Navajo or Hopi

yUjEha zA’yada

I am Yuchi

n@s@nlA hEyOnda because the schools do not teach you our history

just a glimpse in the mind

on the edge of society

that makes you think you can disrespect our community

who we are and what we do as a family

su^, you are only disrespecting humanity

for you don’t see that you are me

stahae^chE nO^k’adahA

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