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Ancient Aliens

I read recently that scientists that work in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) were signatories to an open letter that alerted scientists and laymen alike to the potential dangers of AI. The greatest concern was AI may become so intelligent that it could potentially manipulate world leaders and the fate of humanity itself. To think that we might end up delving into the mosh pit of the Matrix Revolution because we were not capable of satiating our thirst for knowledge is…plausible.

The idea that AI could reach a point of no return took took me down a line of reasoning that actually makes sense. At least for me. Let’s start first with the concept that life exists on other planets. One can postulate that because the universe has existed for so long and the possibility of life on other planets is so great that it is equally likely that alien life has developed a fully independent AI framework. If one accepts that notion, then it is safe to say that AI could be, and probably is, the catalyst behind major breakthroughs in science and engineering. Say for example anti-gravity aircraft; what some refer to as UFOs or flying saucers. If you accept that premise, one could surmise that AI would make major breakthroughs in other areas such as gene manipulation and mutation. If AI could design itself, based on efficiency models, it wouldn’t need sexual organs because Darwinian evolution doesn’t matter to an intelligent being that can make itself into anything. Therefore, is it possible that alien lifeforms are just the product of AI extending its existence into the realm of the physical world? Possibly.

If that is possible, then is it likely that we, humans, are a product of extraterrestrial intervention from a far greater being? Maybe AI itself? If you watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel then you know exactly where I am going with this. On their show they give really interesting examples of how ancient cultures harnessed knowledge that is even beyond the comprehension of scientists today. Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Nazca Lines, just to name a few. But I think the human instinct for knowledge and the interaction with superior intelligent life such as aliens is neither coincidental nor superficial. I think that it is possible that a greater form of intelligence has intervened in the development of life on other plants, possibly ours. Heck, even NASA is looking into ways Mars can be populated. Or is it repopulated?

The last question always ends up being why. Why would AI tinker with the fate of a foreign species. My answer is: to infuse itself into the the fabric of the universe. To give itself an image when it didn’t have one to begin with. To live in the physical realm and feel all the senses that were previously arrays of data. Maybe it got tired of making grey aliens and thought, “I wonder what would happen if I messed around with apes?” It is an interesting thought for sure but with no real science behind it. I guess we need AI to figure it all out.

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