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The Plunge

I have really done it this time. I have gone in to the deep end, plunged into the abyss. Without a life preserver or looking back. I have terminated my facebook account. Technically, I deactivated my facebook account, but terminated sounds better, especially in terminator voice, ”I won’t be back.” I have done this before, but this time it’s different. This time it’s not about connecting with people on a deeper level, it’s about connecting with myself on a deeper level. Let me tell you why.

Facebook, in real life terms, is essentially running into someone you know or used to know at the supermarket, or gas station, or where ever. You chat for a few minutes, touch on the high points, have a few laughs maybe, and move on with the day. That’s something that is perfectly normal and something to look forward to as I go about my daily routine. A nice break from the monotony life can be at times. Yet, those interactions, if those were the only or predominant interactions I had, would not suffice or in any way substitute for the real, deep, and strong bonds with friends and family.

But that understanding alone was not enough for my to say sayonara to facebook. What really changed my view of facebook came down to something much more profound to me: My connection to others is stronger and more real in the spiritual realm than in the physical. What does that mean? For me, it means that I have a real connection with others when I listen to my subconsciousness and dreams relating to them. I have a truer connection to others when I pray and meditate about them. Therefore, my connection to others is made through a higher power, greater than any power on Earth, and that type of connection needs no internet.

This realization forced me to change. It forced me to take my spirituality much more serious and to work more at understanding my subconscious. To this point I have learned quite a bit so far. I realize that social media is not just a bunch of applications that defy being obsolete, but social media is now a cultural staple. It is integral to how we interact, or more so how we interact without actually interacting. But what does this say about me? I am writing a blog where I give my thoughts on things for the world to see without interacting. That is true. I am in the same boat as anyone else using social media. But what I also hope to show is that I am not afraid to be vulnerable, honest, and open about who I am. All in an effort to strengthen connections and make lasting bonds with others, God willing.

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