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The Search for WiFi

I like things that are free. That’s not to say I am cheap. Okay, maybe it means I am a little cheap. But it’s kind of like saying that I appreciate what is given to me. Some people would rather pay for something and because it has a dollar value it becomes something to be appreciated. I appreciate things that are not of a dollar value. Things that are invaluable and that which contribute to my health and well being.  My ancestors fought tooth and nail to keep the land and way of life they had. They didn’t  pay for what they had, they worked hard for it. They shaped the land they were on and they reaped the benefits of the landscape. It was given to them by the Creator. He provided for them what they would need to survive and thrive.

Money is the root of all evil, yet money rules the world. Are we not being run by evil? I think of this only in the context of what is free. I am here now at Dunkin’ Donuts because when I went to Starbucks there were too many computers and not enough outlet plug-ins. My computer dies immediately whenever I try to work on it longer than twenty minutes without plugging it in. So I came to Dunkin’ Donuts to connect to the internet to share this post. So what’s the point of this post? That anything free is really not that easy. If I need internet, I have to go somewhere to get it. I usually go to Starbucks. I have been to Broward College but eventually I was kicked off. There is a Panera around but it’s too far away. I had to search for wifi and I figured that DD would be the place. I was right. Just the right amount of computers and plug-ins this time.

It’s kind of nice that I get to come to DD to do my work or write a post. I interact with people on some level. Usually I just get to be around people but that is good enough for me. I also get to go through the funny inconvenience of going around someone or under someone to plug my computer in. The awkward interaction is interaction none-the-less. That can be hard for some people who would rather avoid these types of situations. Having something free is not easy. Just think, can you find free water anywhere? All the water is polluted. All the springs are polluted or controlled by some big industry. We waste a lot of food. I’m sure a lot can be found in a dumpster and there are many skilled dumpster divers that can make the most of produce thrown out at Whole Foods Market. It might be rotten but it’s still organic.

My Dad always said that nothing is free. I think that is true. Even things that are free are never really free. When my ancestors roamed this land, they worked hard to reap the benefits of the harvest. They also paid a heavy price to protect what was theirs. Nothing is free, we all pay a price. What is actually cheap is what we give money to.

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